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About Me
About Me!

About Me, the Webmaster, Nimit!
Name:Nimit Maru
Location:Kentucky, USA
Sports:I enjoy Tennis, PingPong & Swimming.
After School:I play piano, go on the computer and practice tennis.
Favorite Site:Mine, Infinite Fish and Andy's Art Attack.
Grades:A's and B's.
Favorite Game:NHL 98
Birthday:October 21, 1982
Birth Place:Mumbai [formerly Bombay], India
Computer:Micron Millenia XKU
Comp. Specs:266mhz Pentium II Processor, 64mb RAM, 6.4 gigs, 4mb video, 17" monitor, 1024x768 resolution.
Other Pages:Dancing Baby Dance Club
Marital Status:Single :)
Dream Car:BMW Z3

Yep, thats me on the left

If you still have and questions don't hesitate to email me and ask!

All Art work is under
Copyright 1998, Nimit Maru. All Rights Reserved.
Email Me for questions.