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     Before I begin, I want to title this "mail." It is called, "A Man's Manifesto: 4 years in the life of Nimit Maru." and so now I will continue. Try not to do too much laughing at this mail, too much crying because of this mail, or exiting this mail before you're read it all :) It is my honor to write this to you, and I hope you feel the same reading it. Thank You for your time and patience, I love you all.

A Man's Manifesto: 4 years in the life of Nimit Maru

     Hello ladies, gentlemen, boys and girls. Here I am writing this manifesto while listening to the VH1 acoustic of Rain king by the Counting Crows...and I'm thinking about this year. There is nothing that I can say or do that will encapsulate everything that has happened, or will happen this year. There is nothing that I can say that will make it better. There is nothing that I can do to stop it. This year has simply been the greatest year of my school career, in so many more ways than one. Going to Ashley's little party (well, it was a big party) and then reading all these death emails from various people, made me pretty sad inside. MAN...inside, I really don't want to write this mail, because, it makes it sound like its over. And I really don't want it to be over (this year), but I know that it will be. This year was like a night out with a girl (or a guy for the girls ;)), but, its like, you have a lot of fun and want it to never be over but you you know it will be, and you can never really get everything you want out of it. You can never say everything you want to, you can't do nothin! And when it's over, you know everything that you should have done. And then again, regret sucks. So...first, I would just like to bid farewell to some of my friends...keep in mind...the lengths of the messages have nothing to do with the quality of my relationship with only means that either I could tell you what I wanted to in a few lines or it took a little bit of writing to explain. Nevertheless, please scroll down to your name and read your message, from me to you, heart to heart. And please understand, this isn't goodbye forever, its just a little test of time our friendships will have to endure! So here they are…

  1. Anne Davis
  2. Ashley Albin
  3. Ben Golden
  4. Brian Hawes
  5. Jenny Chavez
  6. Jeremy Lasher
  7. Jesse Brasher
  8. Jon David Willingham
  9. Josh Gipson
  10. Kathi Wooldridge
  11. Katie Mccollough
  12. Kristin Brooks
  13. Lauren Baker
  14. Lindsay Mattingly
  15. Mari-Scarlett Mackey
  16. Matt Combs
  17. Matt Field
  18. Nathan Brooks
  19. Nathan Higginbothom
  20. Rachel Green
  21. Robbie Brasher
  22. Shankar Gopal
  23. Soumit Ghosh
  24. Wes Aull
I'm assuming you have read your message from me to you, and in closing, I just want to let all of you know that I have much love for all of you. These four years, I've had my hard times, and I've definitely had my good times. The cool thing is, I don't want to forget either of these because its the compilation of ALL of these that make ME. I want to thank all of you who have been there for me when I was down, and thanks to those who cheered me up in the day. This year has simply been the greatest year and I will never forget any of you. I hope to keep in touch with ALL of you as all of our lives move on. If you ever have time, just shoot me an email or something like that :) My new email is Word :) I will leave for Illinois tomorrow morning. I wish you ALL (except for the juns, you guys have fun in high school :)) the greatest of college experiences and I hope to see you in Labor Day or something when I'm getting back. Until then, I will leave you with some words from my man Garth Brooks.

Too many times we stand aside,
And let the waters slip away.
'Til what we put off 'til tomorrow,
has now become today.
So don't you sit upon the shoreline,
and say you're satisfied.
Choose to chance the rapids,
and dare to dance that tide.

Garth Brooks, "The River"

I love you all VERY much and will miss you and this boring little town we call Owensboro VERY VERY much. Make sure you write me from college and let me know whats going on in your life and all that! Later :)

Much Love, Your friend,
Nimit Maru

PS- Those of you who wanted a copy of my poem, THE RIDE, go here.