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Life is a Game

Life is a Game. There is so much truth built into the statement that it almost becomes to heavy to say, which is why its hardly ever said. Life is a childs play--You might think that children don't know much about life, but, to tell you the truth, kids know a lot more than one can imangine. When a child wants a toy another kid is playing with, he taps him on the shoulder and asks for it, after 2 to 3 unsucessful attempts, the start fighting--at the end, both of them end up crying and none of them wants the toy anymore. That is like life, to countries are claiming a small strip of land, and are fighting over it. At the end, both of them are going to lose a lot more than the land that they are fighting for. They will lose a lot more than a child would lose not getting to play with a toy. Life afterall is a game. One wrong move stirrs up wars and fights. That one wrong move is what is killing the poeple on this planet, ruining the relations of countries with other countries, causing world wars. That one move is what kills us all. That is why its important to realize that Life is a Game. Playing it like one is not necessary--because at the end all that matters is the right move.
t h e r i g h t m o v e . . .

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