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Katie Mccollough - I admit all these years that I've known you, I STILL don't know how to spell your last name! Hehe :) My apologies. I just want to thank you for always having something to say to me. You've been in my advocate class for 3 years, all the 3 years I was at DCHS, and I haven't known anyone in this email as long as I've known you...I think there are a couple of ties...but you're still technically the longest :) I want to thank you for the great times we had in Priar's class, I will never forget any of them. If I have changed at all, you have seen me change, 3 years and all, and that bond we will never loose. Good luck in college, and give this man a holler once in a while.

Lindsay Mattingly - You are my other Advocate-mate. We have had the most annoying arguments in the world in that class, and for that I will never forget you. Maybe someday, we will be able to have one class without arguing :) Good times eh? I want to thank you for all those great times, as sad as they were ;), those things are the things that one remembers in a friendship, the little annoying stuff. Good luck and keep in touch.

Matt Field - Geezuz beh-zezus! Field, I remember the first time I met you. It was after that International Math test we all took in 10th grade, and we were discussing some problem and you just regulated all over my solution. And I was like, damn Matt! But Matt, I want to thank you for being a great friend. Remember those old-school nights in 11th grade when me you and brian would hang out? Go to the movies or something? hehe :) Remember the great C++ for You++ class? hahaa. Our little tic tac toe game, and all kinds of good stuff. Man, both of us have gone through so many changes this year, and I'm glad you were there with me. I'll never forget our Spring Break in key balls, and all that cheap asss sh*t that we came up with on the plane ride back. It was crazy stuff, but I wish you Luck in UK with Jeremy. Keep him on track :) I'm sure I'll keep in touch with you, so you do the same! Later mattfield :)

Brian Hawes - Hey Eminem :) Man, I have nothing but love for you. I've gotten to know you so well through these 3 years, our Stanley talks in 10th grade. Mr. Scales class and how you shot me with that rubber band in my eye (forgive...but never forget..muhahaha). Or all those times when I couldn't drive and you picked me up to go to the movies or whatever. I remember all those times me you and field would just hang out, or call each other...haha...those were the times. You were part of my original mafia :) I'll never forget this year, I've gotten to know you so well through physics/english and whatever else. Remember State FBLA and how we all regulated on the awards? Our drive there and back and going to Dave Matthews and recently Mammoth caves. Remember junior prom when I didn't go and you and Matt came to come get me so I could go to the after prom party? Good stuff man, good memories. Keep playing ping pong in college, get a table in your house or something :) Actually, don't play that much, I want to be able to keep beating you ;) Man, you're like a brother to me, considering how many times you've been to my house :) I'm sure I'll keep seeing you again, but good luck at UK and your house. Don't take up all the women, leave some for Matt Field :) You have always been a great friend, buddy and a brother in many ways. Keep in touch and stay crazy. I would hug you, but I know you will do that whether I want to or not ;)

Shankar Gopal - Hello my desi brother. Man, I will sure miss you. These 3 years, I've gotten to know you so well, through desi parties, tennis team and all kinds of things. I will never forget the first guy who said HI to me on the first day I came to DCHS. Thanks for your friendship and the good times we've had. I better see your ass at Illinois on Nov 11 when Ohio State plays Illinois! Give me a call or email before then and I'll get things ready for ya. Its too bad you're not going to Illinois, but good luck in Ohio State and much love.

Jeremy Lasher - Hey big J. Man. I remember the first time I met you in 10th grade during lunch when you were with Jason Butler talking about China taking over the world. And I was like, word :) Man, I've gotten to know you SO well this year through stats and whatever. Man, I want to take back everytime I called you lazy, because you aren't lazy. You're just Jeremy. I'm officially inventing a new adjective. Jermeyish. Not lazy, Half way motivated, vegetarian, and reads like a mofo. And thats what you are :) I hope you find what you want to do in the future, and if you ever get around to publishing a book or something, I want a signed copy :) With a little picture of balls under your signature and all :) Man, I will never forget all those talks we had online--and I do mean ALL those...because whenever I couldn't sleep, I would get online, and there was JLash003, as interesting as ever, just sitting there on my buddy list waiting for me to double click on the name and start yet another awesome conversation. I will never forget our AOL Sucks Song, or damn Elvis Costello...haha...or Bob Dylan, or those times we had in the Keys sitting outside late at night and just talking. Stay deep and I hope you find motivation in life. You are a great buddy and I will always regard you as a fellow Indian :) You are the man to the end, and to end, I still regret missing that Bruce concert...haha...on that one special day ;)

Jenny Chavez - Hey ya chav. Geez, its funny how I got to know you through Latin. Our great times in JCL convention, our homeless times when we would just hang out ouside Chifici's room and just talk about life, about Kahil (HAHA :) I know how to spell it, really :)) and how you miss him...haha. Remember all those signs? All those JCL meetings, etc. Its too bad I didn't get to go to Italy...that would have been classic. I will always remember nights/parties at your're cool as hell :) What I most remember was that time when both of us rode to Louisville to that we missed that exit 5 times and all our talks that whole time. That was really classic, and I will never forget you. Good luck at UK and whatever else you do, you are a great leader, person and hell, I wish I was as organized as you...(or I wish I could LOOK that organized :)). Keep in touch, because my countdown to how many days till I get to see Jenny will be counting! "Running down the halls...too fast to mention...bumped into the wall...forgot my second declension! US I, OUM, O I ORUM...." word :)

Nathan Brooks - Man, the best memories of you are at the ping pong table. Keep playing in college…and I will try to too J And then we can be awesome together!! :) word. But really, it was great getting to know you this year, and I hope you find college exciting, amazing and a great experience. Try to keep in touch, and have a blast at uk :)

Jesse Brasher - Jes-a-mon! Man, this year, getting to know you and all has been magical. Remember AP biology and Chris rock madness? All those times we were Lab partners and had no idea what we were doing, only to go to laura resse for assistance. Remember all those nights at books a million in the starting of the year, when I really got to know you more. I will never forget our whole Christmas break when we all just hung out all night, went places, did stuff, talked deep. All the changes that happened…etc. I've just got two words for you, Ping Pong. Man, even though my ping pong table is pretty recent…I have some of the best memories about it…the big dark blue table, the one Robbie is going to build…haha :) The one thing that I'll remember the most was that one night when I was dropping you off at school from Books A Million. I had one of my most memorable conversations that night. I will never forget all the problems we had, all the good times we shared, and every time you were extremely sorry you had to leave :) Some of my greatest memories are with you playing the guitar and me trying to sing...everywhere from the Keys to the school parking lot when the Cop checked out Wes' car for booze. Hell, I will never forget Mr. Jones, Dave Matthews, and all the amazing music that I have gotten to know because of you. You have really changed my life in so many ways...I will never forget you for all the love and understanding you have given me. I can't even describe how great of a friend you are in many more ways than one. Man, I could write 3615 lines about all the times we've had together (did I get that number right?) and all our jokes and whatever. This year was a blast, and I wish you the best of luck in UK. Try your hardest and keep your expectations high. Try to keep in touch with me, as I will definitely keep in touch with you. Have fun with Big Jesse this first year, and word up. I hope I keep seeing you this year and the rest of my life ;). I will always consider you as a brother. Nothing but love for ya bro, at ease :)

Wes Aull - Phew. Wes. You are an adjective all on your own. I can't express how much love and respect I have for you and your mind. I will never forget the MANY MANY deep chats and conversations we've had. All the times at your house, in your basement, the whole Christmas break, all our conversations about the world, reality and religion. You have touched me in so many more ways than I can express. I almost feel like this is getting to sound like a good bye speech when I'm confident that I will keep in touch with you. I will never forget the many times I have had the MANY nights we were together, just talking. I'll never forget the exploder and how it lived up to its legacy, political chats, movies, concerts, restaurants, houses, playing tennis, ping pong, disc golf, spring break, online chats, CALCULUS, and everything. I don't know if I'll ever find another friend like you. Haha, and whats more, you are vegetarian now, YEAH! ;) Man, you have given so much to me mentally, physically, and spiritually, you will always be a part of me in some way or another. I will dearly miss you in my next years at college. I know that I'll keep in touch with you, through IM and our digital video cameras! This year has been truly magical, and it wouldn't have been without you. Have a great time at Notre Dame, I hope you fulfill your dream of your perfect job, satisfy all your desires, and find true love. I want to thank you for being one of my most memorable and respected friends. Thank you for all the understanding, love, work, rides, directions you have given me. I will never forget 316-5125…"Hi this is the wes information line, How may I direct your call?" Lastly, I want to thank you for all the times you have asked God to bless me :) Maybe someday, I'll be able to ask someone up there the same for you. So before this gets too mushy, let me just say good luck and good bye. Thank you for caring so much for me and all the times you have helped me. Much love and a big nanny hug ;). At ease bro :)

Jon David Willingham - Jean De Vide Will Ingham, whats up man? Man, this year I've gotten to know you so much more. I always kind of knew you, but I always felt in unwelcoming vibe coming from you in the past, but this year, we've really gotten close and you're really awesome. You're helpful and considerate in so many ways, and you're a great friend, white or not ;). You've always added an unique flavor to our friends which I cannot quite explain. It is a mixture of responsibility and sarcasm. Whatever it is, don't lose it. I'll really miss all those times driving, talking, playing tennis, talking online, and whatever else. Thanks for always laughing at my jokes, good or bad. You're really been a great friend and I have nothing but love for that. Lastly, I want to thank you for providing me with the inspiration/motivation to do that thing that I've sort of done, but still have a long way to go. You know what I'm talking about :) It has really changed my life in a lot of ways, and I hold more gratitude than I can express. I hope the best for you in Rhodes, and I sure hope we will keep in touch, if not, we better J

Kristin Brooks - Hey K. Oh dear, do I have a lot to say here :) The first memory of you I have is when I had no idea who you were. I just remember you as the girl with a pretty face waiting for a ride outside, I don't remember if it was 10th or 11th grade, but I don't even have your face in that image. It is just looking at you from the back, and you waiting, and I remember me thinking, I wonder what she is thinking. Since then to now, we have grown very close, in different ways. Through instant messenger conversations, deep thoughts, sitting next to you in AP US history, going to Prom, talking about life and whatever else. Kristin, what I will miss most about you are your great hugs, crazy laughter, sarcastic looks, all those times I've gotten you in trouble, etc. Remember going around stealing cones in your dad's car? Hehe, or just nights talking about school and life and whatever. I will never forget you or the times we've had together. You have definitely brought out the best in a lot of things about me, and I hope we continue to be friends. I will definitely miss you in Illinois, best of luck in UK, with Jeremy, and whatever else you pursue. Write me :) Hopefully we'll keep in touch. And I wish you much luck in whatever you do J

Nathan Higginbothom - Nate Dawg! Man, this year has been fantastic. I remember when I first met you in Books a Million, when you were still kinda new to everyone there. Me, You, and Jesse had that long talk about the amount of drugs and meth around here. That was interesting :) But man, since then, I don't know how our relationship has really grown. We've been around each other so much, from nights at your house to more nights at your house to a week at Spring Break to a lot of the summer, to baseball games, basketball games, the whole Christmas break, Senior Project, and much more. Man, although our relationship never took a distinct step up, I think it has progressed so much. I consider you one of my best friends, and of course, you being a minority and all with your red hair we have always related ;) I will definitely miss your "manness" around, your mad pool skills, your green machine, and that recliner in the right side of your basement that I always sat on! I have definitely had some of my best days with you and I thank you for that. You've always made fun of me (you bastard!), but the good thing is, I know you wouldn't make fun of someone you didn't like in front of their face ;) I'll definitely miss all the times I told you to go to hell, although I never meant it, and all the times you said I was a nice guy and didn't mean it :P. But anyway, much luck at Western with Dhawal, keep studying and I hope we keep in touch. I'll see you occasionally I know in breaks and all, and then we can all hang out like the old times. See ya later man...You're just such a nice guy.

Matt Combs - I remember the first time I saw was in Acc. US History. Man, all I remember is that you came in late that first day and Ms. Mueller was like, you're late. And then I never really talked to you until this year at random occasions and random places a lot of times. Some of my best memories of you are from Spring Break, 7 days in paradise. Some fights, mostly fun, and a bit of volleyball. Those were the good times. I never REALLY got to know you well, but I will always treasure the times we've had together. Ping Pong, to Books a Million, to physics, to Anne's pool. Remember random times of throwing things from one end of the room to the other in Physics? Or my paper rockets? Most of all, I would like to thank you for being one of my most real friends. There are very few times I've seen you being fake, and I truly respect that. Forgive me for anytime I may have let you down. I will always miss your "matt combs" remarks and quiet but deep presence in a part of my life. I wish you a lot of luck in college, running, and I hope that fist feels better ;)

Josh Gipson - OH josh :) Man, you are the man. First, I want to apologize for not being able to finish the only deep conversation we've ever had (remember the one about love?), I really wish we could have, and we probably still can :) Man, I've never gotten to know you that well, never hung out with you that much, talked to you that much and yet I still consider you are one of my best friends. I don't know what exactly it is...I think it's the raw similarity we have in just that I could talk to you any day. I have always seen you as a person of much respect, quality and talent. I will never forget Spring Break with you, going to dances, just hanging out, and your awesome hair :) I hope you go to college soon, and Good luck in whatever you do there. I have a lot of love for you and thanks for being a great friend. I'm sure we'll get to keep in touch. Until then, Later man!

Robbie Brasher - Caveman Scholar, how are you man? Man, I talked to you online for the LONGEST time before I actually met you. It was absolutely crazy. And when I DID meet you, you had shaved your beard off! So I think I only got to see your beard once. But man, its been great knowing you this year. I've never met such a white vegetarian that grows so much hair :) I think just that status has kind of bonded our friendship a bit more. I want to thank you for the long/late online chats, and how you were always there for a talk in sad times and good. How you always had an "LOL" for me, to lighten up my day. I hope I continue to keep in touch with you (If I can keep up with your mad initiation of new screen names). Work on making that ping pong table if you can, stay vegetarian, and continue shaving, its looking good ;) Keep Owensboro sane for me when I return to visit once in a while, I'll never forget you or this year :)

Lauren Baker - Lawwwren Baker. Geez, its been a crazy year huh? Man, Lauren, its been really awesome getting to know you this year. The FIRST memory I have of you is of course that notorious incident in English 3 class. I won't mention what you were doing here as I'm confident you and most of the people who need to know already know :) But anyway, since then, or lets say, since the beginning of this year, we've gotten to know each other quite well. Starting from the long nights and good times at Books a' Million doing AP Stats work or you going NUTS over some AP bio test, or just socializing. Man, I don't even remember how I got to know you this year. I don't remember our first meeting or whatever I said, but whatever it was, I want to thank you for an amazing year. I will never forget (once again) those long nights at Books a' Million, after-dance nights at your house, that crazy guy at books a million who wanted to take you to his house and write poems in his blue poetry book--and how you were so freakin interested in how he acquired land in Siberia and why he played in the NFL or something. I'll never forget Spring Break in the Keys, Basketball Homecoming and its drama. I can't even being to list all the good times we've had this year, either just hanging out or driving around, or me listening to you whine ;) or our awesome Christmas break when we all got to know each other well. I'll never forget that one thing you said that one night in Spring break when we were all asleep, Lauren: (SCREAMING) GUYS!, I can't go to sleep! --- Nimit: "Okay everyone get up. Lauren Baker is having problems falling asleep." hehe :) Man, what I'll miss the most are those long phone conversations we always had, all those times we just kept on talking about how there is nothing to do. Haha, remember all of our little movie dates, and the Perfect Storm how we walked out? Hehe :) Man, its really been an amazing year, and it wouldn't be the same without you. I wish you lots of luck at Belmont with Scari-Mari...(Make her go to class!), and I hope all of your dreams about staring some business next to your dad in Owensboro and somehow gaining control of everything and everyone come true ;) You are one of my best friends and I'll *really* miss you in college. I wish you the very best in life and I will always cherish our memories and your care and responsible concern for yourself and others. Try to keep in touch with me and finish reading that book! Later for now :)

Anne Davis - Hey Anne. What's Up? I just saw you in your "end," your last days "living" in Owensboro. I guess you weren't too sad, . I'm sorry I couldn't muster up a real good bye because I sure wish we could have. Also, we were supposed to go to get that "thing" from that "place" for 70 cents! I'm sorry again I couldn't go do that. But really, I got to know you a bit later in the year compared to some of the other receivers of this email, and it's really been great. I remember all those nights we just drove around talking about life and such. And your suggestion to kill ourselves at my suggestion to something ;). I will always miss calling you and finding out that you are packing for something else. Or how you finally figured out that a T-Shirt and Shorts could really be used in any occasion or place. I'll miss your whining about everything and all those conversations we had online. I want to thank you for safely navigating me to so many places so many times. No one will ever replace my dependable navigator! Man, I don't even know what to write. One thing I definitely won't miss is your shots at me, randomly. Geez, some of them still hurt! (Nah, they don't really, but they probably should considering the sheer power in your hit). I hope I have never done anything to make you sad/mad or whatever else. Hopefully you'll stop having those terrible headaches you keep having ;). Haha, and how could I forget! You're my first wife! I will definitely never forget that, the miseries of marriage ;). I hope whenever you do marry, you decide to work somewhere somehow if you husband needs you to. Ya know, not all husbands buy you Explorers even when you refuse to work! Hehe :) But I wish you the best of luck in college and great success in whatever you decide to do in life. I will never forget your friendship and will cherish our memories forever. Try to keep in touch, as I will try my best to. Take care :)

Mari-Scarlett Mackey - DJ Red! I don't know where to being, and when I being, I won't know how to end. Knowing you this year has been simply fantastic. Having you in AP Stats first semester, and then in AP Physics and English has really made me close to you. I can never forget your love and care for life. I will never forget countless nights in Books a Millon just sitting there and talking and trying to get Physics or Stats work done. I remember how I first got to know you, trying to teach you Calculus. Or how you said you first talked to me in that day in Stats I tried to pull that trick with the glasses on everyone. Hehe. I will never forget all the good memories I have in your house. Remember going to Dave Matthews? DJ RED! I'll never forget that either. I will miss talking to you about your future family, what all your kids will be doing and the sports they will be playing. All those times trying to finish homework in physics or how Mr. Zeller just wouldn't stop telling me to stop talking when it was you .(hehe, jk, it was me sometimes). I will miss your empty seat next to me during physics tests when you were PMS (Pulling a Mari Scarlett). How you managed to skip school so many days I will never figure out, maybe you should write a book. 101 ways to get out of taking tests ;) hehe…jk, you were there sometimes. Remember our little water project? How we had to try to save Jon David because he wasn't there and you just blew it…haha. Remember Valentine's Day when you were my girlfriend for a day? (I still have that candy that you gave me btw). I'll miss your "GIMME A BREAK" and whatever else you always said, I forgot that phrase :) Also, I will never forget DC Tennis Team's #1 Fan :) You were there at every freakin game!! Thanks a LOT for being there; Travis was always so much nicer when you were there. Thanks for all your support; it was always refreshing to see you there. Remember our random long conversations on the phone and all those random deep chats we had? Oh Mari :). You have shaped this year for me in so many ways, I would not be the same person today were it not for your care and generous laughter. Hehe, I could always count on you for a courtesy laugh even though my joke sucked :) Remember Spring Break? Haha…I will NEVER EVER forget that week. Haha…and I'll never forget that crazy chase I had with you last night. LOL. I'm sorry, it was so funny! But enough of all these moments. Thanks for an amazing year, your gift, greatly appreciated memories and regular smiles. I will never forget you or the times I shared with you. I hope came halfway close to brightening your day as you did to mine. Good luck in pursuing your MRS at Belmont ;) Go to class and work hard. I wish you much success in all aspects of your future life and you will always be held with the highest respect in my heart. Take care and keep in touch with me. I'll see you tomorrow ;)

Rachel Green - Hey Rachel! Man, I've known you for the longest time, I was never halfway close to you in the past, but this year, going to Spring Break and all, I've gotten to know you well. You are really an awesome girl with lots of promise in the future. I'll never forget all those nights with you and the juns in Books a' Million for Stats or whatever. As annoying as it was, I'll kinda miss you whining everyday about your computer problems etc. Well, maybe I won't actually miss them, but they'll be a good past memory, something that kinda delineates you from the rest. And remember, you really know more Calculus then you think you do, remember how you would always come up to me with your problems only for me to tell you that they're right? Yup :) I'll also miss those hugs that always came in sporadic moments whenever I was making your cd or fixing your computer ;) Nah really :) Thanks. I wish you the best of luck in UK and whatever else you do in life. You're smart and sweet and I'll miss talking to you. I will try my hardest to keep in touch with you. I hope you will too. For now, take care!

Kathi Wooldridge - Hey Kathi! Wassup girl? Man, its been great getting to know you all these years through our succession of Math classes, from Pre Cal to Calculus 3. I will definitely miss going to cal every morning to walk in and see your smiling face ready to greet us all :) It's too bad I didn't get to hang out with you that much this year, we did occasionally though. Our relationship has been a long endured one and I think it has matured as I got to know you more. I will never forget our classes with Mr. Rue and Mr. Zeller's class and all those times you copied my physics homework (hehe, jk). I will definitely miss your regular hugs and good thoughts. I will try not to lose in touch with you. Keep me in your thoughts and remember, it's been a great 3 years. I wish you the best of luck at college, work hard and have fun. For now, accept this farewell from your brown friend :) I'll miss ya!

Ashley Albin - Hey Ashley. How are you? Girl, I'm really glad I called you a b**** that one time, because that really brought us close together after that one im. Remember that? Hehe. Kinda crazy, but I've always enjoyed talking to Krickett8. Even though I haven't really hung out with you too much, it was fun to have you in AP Stats and then AP English, etc. You were always honest in a weird way and always understanding. Also, thanks for having that party for all the seniors. That party really got us all together and made me realize the importance I guess of everything. Thanks for being a good friend and understanding when I needed ya. I will always try to keep in touch with you and will never forget our memories. I wish you lots of luck in college and in the future. I hope to keep in touch with you, but for now, take care!

Soumit Ghosh - What's up Soumit? Man, this year has been awesome. Maybe AP Econ wasn't that great, but still :) It was awesome playing with you in tennis this year, our doubles record was like 8-1 or something :) I'll never forget all the memories we had, from crazy matches to that one last amazing one. Remember that one time when we were racing to see who finished first? Haha, I beat ya!! Nevertheless, it was awesome going to Dave Matthews and just the whole year man. Lunch and skipping lunch and whatever else. All the times we hung out, played tennis etc. This year has been truly fantastic. I know you had some hard times settling in, in the starting. I hope I made the situation better and not worse. I'm very glad you decided to come back to Owensboro for your senior year, I'm sure I'll be seeing you when I come back. I wish you lots of luck in your last year in High School. I'll never forget our amazing tennis season, 18-0 baby! What a good way to end huh :) Keep playing tennis, and I'm sure you'll be able to beat me when I come back due to my extreme lack of playing :) Cherish your last year in high school, and I wish you lots of luck in your College Search and I hope you consider Illinois if you think its best for you :) Take care my mit brotha! See you later and keep in touch.

Ben Golden - Hey Ben! What's up man? Man, I'm glad I got to know you this year. More towards the end than beginning, but still. It was always great to see you at tennis matches trying to figure out what the crap was going on. Also econ, with Priar always picking on both of us (more me than you of course!). I'll always remember talking to you about weird things from my work with you at GSP. That was a LOT of fun. Man, you are such a character :) I always enjoyed your company in the best of ways, you have a crazy sense of humor. I hope I get to keep in touch with you, maybe before you decide to run for President :) I wish you LOTS of luck in High School and getting all your relationships straight. Try to keep in touch with me in college, I'm sure I'll be visiting you when I'm back in Owensboro :) For now, farewell!