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The Ride

by Nimit Maru, 7/29/2000
Daviess County High School
Class of 2000

The days spent together,
The days spent alone.
The nights spent together,
The nights spent at home.

The trips gone away,
Those trips where we rode all day,
The possibility of trips that might,
The trips that seemed in sight.
The trips that were wrong, and those that were right.
The late trips to Taco Bell to eat a bite.

From Dave Matthews Band to Stats,
From Dixie Chicks to Dre's Ghats.
From long movies, to late online chats,
Talk of college, from majors to frats.
All the mascots from the Illini to the Wildcats.

We played tennis and ping pong,
Searched on Napster for that unknown song.
Sang to guitars, talked with our cell phones,
Ran around on the golf course, sang Mr. Jones.
Learned to throw discs,
Lived on, took risks.

We thought about the perfect life;
brains, money, and the perfect wife.
Searched for the meaning of our existence,
Deep in our hearts, fighting its resistance.
Is reality really real? Is it true with only a feel?
Will life show itself to us? Turn our lost inner wheel?
Will people break away from being fake?
Learn to act how they feel, for their own sake!

I could go on forever,
Writing about this year, and whatever.
However, what I most savor,
Is the taste in our friends.
How different we are, and yet the same flavor.
And now that the time has come to leave,
Time to get in the world and start to achieve,
We must keep in mind this one thing.
After every ending, beings another start,
So even though it's time for us to part,
Keep your hopes high,
For the time is now, to be alive.
Take in the pain of departure,
Keep out a sharp eye like an archer,
Take your car upon the new road ahead,
Appreciate the food on your table, clean sheets on your bed.
Hit the accelerator and begin your drive,
Dance to life, live the jive.
To your morals and ideals, abide
There are times to be humble, and times to have pride
Keep your instinct and this advice by your side.
Push the pedal and enjoy the ride.