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P l e a s e C o m e A g a i n ! :Ž

. . .. .Welcome to my palace. This website is my way of showing myself to the world. If you came to this website, you probably know me already, but that doesn't matter--you will learn more about me here than you think. Keep reading and search this site. I made this site in about a day, all the pictures, backgrounds, etc are my creation. I use Adobe Photoshop 4.0 which in my opinion is the best graphic creator. Anyways, please look around, sign my guest book, and if you happen to come across any of my errors in programing the please email me and I will try to fix it ASAP. Thank you for coming here. This site is constantly updated please come again.

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  • Nimit's Gallery is finally up. Check it out! The About Me section is also up, go there to learn more about me!
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    New Games in Arcade, Links Page, an Awards section & the BRAND NEW Dance Baby, Dance Club! The Club is mostly done! Come Visit!.
    This week's Link of the Week award goes to:

    Clinton ßąshing

    Description: This is a very funny site with MANY MANY classic Clinton jokes. It used to be part of my old website--basic but funny. There is some inappropriate material in it though. Beware.

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